Nielsen’s Glitch Paves The Way For Bigger Screwup


You may have heard of a company called Nielsen. If you haven’t, it measures what consumers watch and buy. In short, it spies on you even better than Facebook. What you haven’t heard of, is its secret new method for measuring TV ratings.

Nielsen’ secret new method aims to be more accurate than anything else invented. But the problem is, it skews ratings so badly the least popular content becomes the most popular one.

That method allows the highest TV Network bidder to choose what content becomes most popular. The content does not really become popular though. Rather it shows up as most popular, so that the TV Network executives can brag about their achievements to shareholders. It is expected to become very popular among corrupt executives.

This new method was developed in response to glitch Nielsen has faced. That glitch resulted in ratings so inaccurate that one TV exec commented: “These ratings are more like Obama’s speeches.”

Seriously speaking, Nielsen did encounter a significant problem. The problem had to do with their software that gave the following message: “I’m too lazy to work! Leave me alone!”

This article has been inspired by LA Times’ article “Nielsen says ‘technical error’ affected network ratings for months“. That article has reported that:

Nielsen has uncovered a software error that rendered its recent national network television ratings inaccurate, the data company said on Friday.

“The technical error was introduced on March 2, 2014, and was generally imperceptible until we saw high viewing levels associated with fall season premiere week,” Nielsen said. “As a result, small amounts of viewing for some national broadcast networks and syndicators were misattributed.”

In an unusual development, the firm said in a statement that it will reissue all of the affected data going back to Aug. 18, before the start of the critical fall season premiere week.

Apparently, that glitch was not enough for Nielsen. They decided to screw things in a bigger way. How else can you explain their method that aims to screw the ratings?

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