12 Instagram Jokes

Check out these 12 Best Instagram Jokes we have found for you. We did our best to bring you only the funniest. They cover every ridiculous aspect of Instagram experience. Plus, some of them will not only make you laugh; some of them will also make you think. Don’t be scared though. Most of them won’t make you think. Most of them will only make you laugh.

1. Are you drunk?

instagram filter to make you less drunk - funniest


2. Instagram Filter – Pulp Fiction Style

instagram filter - pulp fiction style - funny spoof


3. Those Who Think They Are Professional Photographers…

You Use Instagram? Tell Me How Much of A Professional Photographer You Are.


4. Has Instagram Taken You?

Taken with Instagram - Funniest Jokes


5. Where are you spending your time?

swamped spending time on instagram - funny jokes

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6. Using Instagram to choose meals?

meals on instagram look best


7. Did you document it well enough?

instagram and facebook - young awkward kids


8. Don’t do it! Please!

instagram blur = annoying - funniest jokes


9. Stop posting! I freaking beg you!

eat without posting - funniest instagram jokes


10. I can make you filthy rich.

1 billion dollars to you if you stop sharing on instagram


11. Mark Zuckerberg is desperate to use Instagram.

mark zuckerberg funny instagram meme


12. Facebook buys Instagram.
Mark Zuckerberg explains the changes.

Facebook Acquires Instagram - Mark Zuckerberg Talks About It


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