10 Really Funny Facebook Pictures

Check out these 10 Really Funny Facebook Pictures we have found for you. They are the funniest ever. They cover every ridiculous aspect of your Facebook experience: everything from ridiculous fail status updates to awkward photos accidentally shared to everyone. But if you find anything as funny, you are welcome to submit it at the bottom of this page.

1. facebook-wasting-peoples-lives-since-2004

2. Obama being Idiot and using Facebook to Spy on Cameron

3. Facebook Acquires Instagram - Mark Zuckerberg Talks About It

4. Funny Facebook Update

5. not sure if I hate Facebook or everyone I know

6. Funny Facebook Update about Hacked Facebook Account

7. Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook Timeline

8. God, on Facebook, surprised his username is already taken.

9. funny-facebook-update

10. MEME: Facebook Update with Funny Picture of Jackie Chan.


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