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Maybe some will say that a few of these jokes about geese are silly, but I think that all of them are funny and awesome. Please continue reading and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. If you do so, you’ll find awesome bonus content likely to surprise you because it’s so different from everything else. In short, you’ve definitely come to the right place because these waterfowl birds geese have never been funnier than here on

Goose Puns

closeup of white and grey goose

Enjoy this amusing goose play on words and please read this section until the end because the best pun is at the end.

  1. What’s the dance a goose loves to do when it’s jubilant? The goose loves to tangoose.
  2. When will Ryan Gosling be old enough to be called Ryan Goose?
  3. What do you call a goose journalist that’s very biased in its opinion? You call it a propa-gander.
  4. I like goose hunting. I’m an avid goose hunter. But I don’t own any game calls because my wife doesn’t wanna hear any fowl language.
  5. What’s the name of the fruit that a silly goose loves to eat? It loves to eat mangoose. If you like this goose pun, I’m sure that you’ll also like these 19 really good fruit jokes.
  6. What’s the movie that all the geese like to watch because a goose in it becomes God? That movie is called Mister Goose Almighty. If you want more movie-related humor, please have fun with these very best, really funny movie quotes right now.
  7. What’s the name of the famous Irish goose actor whose dialogues have become famous all across the world? His name is Liam Geesen.
  8. There was a goose at the airport who took care of the luggage. He was in charge of the car-goose.
  9. When the duck defeated the goose in a battle, every goose who saw that was flabbergooseted.
  10. I knew a gander who was very good at martial arts and moved very fast. Guess he was true to his name of Goose Lee.

Grey Goose Pun

  1. What do you call an enormous grey goose? You call it a grey humongoose.

One Of The Most Funny Goose Puns Ever

  1. When I was in Canada, I took a ride on a goose and got many goose bumps. I think the goose may have caused the goose bumps.
goose pun about bumpy ride
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Goose Jokes

white geese near water

Before I tell you my favorite geese jokes, how about a few fun facts about them so that you could talk to them the next time you go crazy and hallucinate?

So did you know that we, humans, occasionally use geese to remove weeds? This practice is less popular than it used to be. Some say that’s because geese are bad tap dancers. But I think that geese are fantastic tap dancers very capable of charming beautiful ladies.

Also, did you know that fossils found in central Italy suggest the existence of a pre-historic goose relative? Unlike the modern goose, that bird was flightless because it was a breakdancer. It remains unknown whether that prehistoric breakdancer was as funny as the modern goose.

  1. What do you get if you cross a goose with a cow? You get a moose.
  2. Why did the police arrest the Christmas goose? They suspected it of fowl play.
  3. Why did the bee and the goose get into a fight? They got so drunk they’ve mistaken a new Tesla for a spaceship and decided to fly into space. I hope you like this goose joke because I wrote it myself. Also, talking about absurdity and bees, please have a look at these 47 best bee puns because I bet they’ll buzz you into a happy smile, bro.
  4. What do a bad baseball player and a male goose have in common? They both have foul balls.
  5. They sent a goose to the moon. They called it amoongoose.
  6. When my friend’s father got ill, his doctor told him to cover his legs and his back in goose fat. He went downhill fast.
  7. What’s in common between goose and boose? It’s some kind of weird caboose.

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Some Of The Most Funny Goose Jokes Ever

  1. Why was the goose birthday party so happy? The psychotherapist cured his suicidal goose client by eating him.
  2. Why did the mother goose go hunting? She was no goose. She was an old woman nicknamed mother goose for the angry, goose-like sounds she made.

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Awesome Bonus Content Video

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Best Goose Puns From Reddit

  1. What do you get when you run over a goose? Goose bumps.
  2. My buddy was promoted to quality inspector for the Canada Goose Jacket Company. He doesn’t like it very much though. Lately, he’s been feeling down.
  3. If you teach a goose to use a computer, is it a technical fowl?

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