This Is How Food Throwing Led To Police Raid

police raid California high school

You may like to throw food at your friends and relatives. Well, don’t do that in school. You may end up in jail for disturbing the peace.

In California high school, two girls started a fight. Shortly after, two boys started fighting each other too. The boys apparently felt that if girls were stupid enough to fight, then they also needed to be that stupid. Peer pressure and gender equality played a part.

Security guard tried to stop these high school students from fighting each other. They threw food at him. This made him so scared he called the police. Nothing is more dangerous than food throwing.

Shortly after he made the call, police helicopter swooped in, armed cops stormed in, and firefighters found no fire.

California is apparently the only state where food throwing is a serious crime. Is it because they have all the United States’ most lucrative industries and don’t know what to do with all the money?

Well, we’ll never know an answer to that question. But what we do know is that this story has been reported by ABC News, under the title “California School Fights End With 6 Arrested“.

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