These Are The Terrifying Results of Using Apple Pay

You may have heard that Apple Pay requires the use of fingerprints.

What you haven’t heard, is the terrifying results it had on its users. Only three weeks after its launch, lots of people have reported missing fingers. That’s because they were cut off by the bad guys.

To make purchases with stolen iPhones, the criminals now need the owners’ fingers. That’s why some of the iPhone owners wake up with their fingers missing.


This is the photo of victim’s hand. It was found on Fox News website, where this story was reported.

But can the criminals be blamed? They need to make a living too, just like you and me. So have some sympathy, my friend. Release them from blame and blame Apple. Yes, blame Apple, iPhone, and its iBend for your missing fingers. Maybe if iPhone did not bend, the criminals would not find it that attractive and you would still have your fingers.

States where the iPhone owners have reported their fingers being cut include California, Michigan, Oregon, Florida, and Texas. Washington D.C. was not one of these states, however. The criminals are apparently so disgusted by politicians’ fingers that they want to avoid touching them.


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Roman Marshanski
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