99+ [Unique] Funny & Serious Dog Names You Need To Know

Pick one of these unique dog names because they’re memorable and awesome, just like your pet. Check em’ out now, fellow dog lover.

You’ll definitely find the one you’ll want to give your awesome doggy. You’ll even find a list of dog names inspired by music. So if you’re a music fan, you definitely want to keep on reading this page.

This page also has amusing stories about dogs with funny names. These awesome stories have been handpicked from Reddit.

In short, bookmark this page and share it because it has lots of doggy awesomeness.

39 Unique Dog Names

Unique Dog Names
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  1. Alta
  2. Arrow
  3. Ash
  4. Atlas
  5. Axel
  6. Banjo
  7. Birdie
  8. Bixby
  9. Breeze
  10. Briar
  11. Busy
  12. Cinder
  13. Fern
  14. Flora
  15. Happy
  16. Harper
  17. Hutch
  18. Irving
  19. Jagger
  20. Jobie
  21. Kai
  22. Keke
  23. Kit
  24. Lars
  25. Lottie
  26. Midge
  27. Norah
  28. Orion
  29. Oswald
  30. Priya
  31. Radar
  32. Rain
  33. Rayne
  34. Ritz
  35. Ryder
  36. Sheena
  37. Tails
  38. Wren
  39. Yates

Haven’t found a unique dog name among the names above? Don’t worry. This page has many more names for you to check out. So I’m sure you’ll find the one that will fit your awesome doggy perfectly.

69 Funny Male Dog Names

Funny Male Dog
Isn’t that why we love dogs even when they annoy us?

There are many male dog names. But not of all them are funny. Luckily for you, this page has only the best ones. So you wouldn’t be wasting your time looking at boring ones. This list has only the interesting ones.

  1. Afro
  2. Yoko
  3. Thor
  4. Rogue
  5. Brain
  6. Fabio
  7. Ninja
  8. Tiger
  9. Fuzzy
  10. Elvis
  11. Pickle
  12. Fluffy
  13. R2Dog2
  14. Fitbit
  15. Barney
  16. Brownie
  17. Pugsley
  18. Macbeth
  19. Coconut
  20. Cupcake
  21. Tootsie
  22. Barkley
  23. Picasso
  24. Bad Dog
  25. SitStay
  26. Lollipop
  27. Bullseye
  28. Underdog
  29. Buckaroo
  30. Mulligan
  31. June Bug
  32. Snow-pee
  33. Meatloaf
  34. Liberace
  35. Napoleon
  36. Geronimo
  37. Churchill
  38. Honeybear
  39. Tom Servo
  40. Paws Away
  41. Mac Daddy
  42. Wild Bill
  43. The Joker
  44. El Diablo
  45. Babe Ruth
  46. Lady Rover
  47. Marky Mark
  48. Red Leader
  49. Fur-dinand
  50. Bacon Bits
  51. Eggs-n-ham
  52. Dee-Oh-Gee
  53. Wyatt Earp
  54. Gladiator.
  55. Markie Mark
  56. Poopsy Meow
  57. Jesse James
  58. Doc Holliday
  59. Happy Hunting
  60. Marlon Brando
  61. Squirrelicious
  62. Luck Be a Lady
  63. Sir Licks-a-lot
  64. Sits With Wolves
  65. Chief Crazy Horse
  66. President Roosevelt
  67. Phideaux (“Fi-Dough”)
  68. Clint (as in Eastwood)
  69. Clyde Parker (of Bonnie & Clyde)

115 Funny Female Dog Names

Funny Female Dog
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This list has every single funny girl dog name people have come up with. So you can be sure your cute girl dog will get the best name possible. Or if you’re just looking to have some laughs, you’re gonna get that.

  1. OJ
  2. Emo
  3. Elf
  4. Flo
  5. Elf
  6. Byte
  7. Elmo
  8. Oreo
  9. Kiki
  10. Bond
  11. Pope
  12. Kiwi
  13. Yoda
  14. Jawa
  15. Ewok
  16. Puck
  17. Olga
  18. Tater
  19. Slink
  20. Bilbo
  21. Pluto
  22. Gonzo
  23. Vixen
  24. Sheba
  25. Cupid
  26. Tizzy
  27. Harry
  28. Frito
  29. Chica
  30. Pinky
  31. Sushi
  32. Bacon
  33. Cutey
  34. Zelda
  35. Mouse
  36. Bones
  37. Banjo
  38. Ninja
  39. McFly
  40. Rogue
  41. Spanx
  42. Nilla
  43. Adonis
  44. Bimmer
  45. Puddin
  46. Sorbet
  47. Jethro
  48. Cletus
  49. Wagner
  50. Ursula
  51. Lolita
  52. Medusa
  53. Hamlet
  54. T-Bone
  55. Kewpie
  56. Cyrano
  57. Pickle
  58. Barney
  59. Chewie
  60. Sailor
  61. Hansel
  62. Stinky
  63. Clumsy
  64. Myrtle
  65. Squirt
  66. Biscuit
  67. Big Red
  68. Cha-Cha
  69. Goliath
  70. Muggles
  71. Matilda
  72. Ladybug
  73. Mai Tai
  74. Jezebel
  75. Biscuit
  76. El Nina
  77. Snickers
  78. Skittles
  79. Chiquita
  80. Dynamite
  81. Smooches
  82. Porkchop
  83. Fuzzball
  84. Huntress
  85. Macgyver
  86. Snowflake
  87. Cleopatra
  88. Butternut
  89. Brunhilda
  90. Tinkerbell
  91. Blue (Blu)
  92. Blue (Blu)
  93. Here Kitty
  94. Moneypenny
  95. Suga Booga
  96. Miss Piggy
  97. Toodle Lou
  98. Cookie Jar
  99. Gimme More
  100. Cutey Honey
  101. Joan of Arc
  102. Trixie Popp
  103. Derby Girl.
  104. Miss Beazley
  105. Buffalo Bill
  106. Bobby (Mcgee)
  107. Billy the Kid
  108. Liberty Belle
  109. Sausage Pattie
  110. Twinkie Turtle
  111. Caesar (Ceasar)
  112. Sugar Pie Honey Bun
  113. Pumpkin Spice Latte
  114. Tiptoe Through the Tulips
  115. Ouiser Boudreaux (“Wheezer Boo-droh” – Shirley MacLaine’s character in “Steel Magnolias”)

5 Reddit Stories About Funny Dog Names

Reddit has plenty of awesome stories from your fellow dog lovers. These stories below are the definitive proof. So check ’em out now.


A friend named their dog, Stay. So they’d call it “C’mere, Stay. C’mere, Stay. Fairly certain they stole that from Steven Wright, but it was still funny as hell to see them in their yard periodically yelling “STAY!!!” into the void.


My former dog was called Attila, because “The grass did not grow where Attila had passed”.


At the dog park there’s a dog who shows up sometimes named Cupcake. I was talking to another woman there and she was talking about Cupcake, and I pictured a teacup poodle or other frou-frou dog. Then I met Cupcake. Cupcake is a gigantic Rottweiler.


One of my cousins named her cat Cinderella. Turns out Cinderella was a boy. So he became Cinderfella.


Cousins wanted a black cat named Cleopatra but it was a boy so they called him Cleopatrick.

37 Funny Dog Names From Pop Culture

If you like pop culture references, this list is for you. It’ll make you remember all your favorite characters from TV and movies. Your new dog can become as cool as one of these characters.

  1. Ubu
  2. Orko
  3. Elmo
  4. Yoda
  5. Ramen
  6. Dobby
  7. Frodo
  8. Pumba
  9. Rocky
  10. Whoopi
  11. Gollum
  12. Pikachu
  13. C3 Pee-O
  14. Mulligan
  15. Underdog
  16. Khaleesi
  17. Fuzzbucket
  18. Hamburglar
  19. Deputy Dawg
  20. Nerf Herder
  21. Hairy Pawter
  22. Mr. McGiblet
  23. Princess Pee
  24. Virginia Woof
  25. Mister Miyagi
  26. Chalupa Batman
  27. Jabba the Mutt
  28. Turtle O’Power
  29. Scarlet O’Hairy
  30. Bilbo Fleabaggins
  31. Winnie the Poodle
  32. Xena Waggly Princess
  33. McGruff the Crime Dog
  34. Weeny Cooper (for a dachshund)
  35. Sasha Fierce (for a cowardly dog)
  36. Lady Lump (perfect for a lazy dog)
  37. Darth Maul (for a small, harmless dog)

20 Country Music Dog Names

Why not name your dog after a famous country music star? With this list of country music dog names, you can. After all, wouldn’t that be great to have the spirit of your favorite music star encapsulated in your dog? Well, maybe the dog name won’t do exactly that, but maybe your dog will feel more awesome.

  1. Hank – Both Hank Williams and his son Hank Williams Jr. are influential country stars in their own right.
  2. Randy – In honor of crooner Randy Travis.
  3. Kenny Rogers – It’s just one of those country dog names where you have to say both the first and last name!
  4. Vince – Like Vince Gill, a popular country singer since the ’80s.
  5. McGraw – An ode to Tim McGraw, the handsome singer of hits like “Indian Outlaw,” “Don’t Take the Girl,” and “I Like It, I Love It.”
  6. Trisha – For Trisha Yearwood, songstress of “She’s in Love with the Boy” and wife to Garth Brooks.
  7. Miranda – As in Miranda Lambert, the cute, feisty firecracker.
  8. Martina – Martina McBride has one of the widest singing ranges in country music. Sing it, sister!
  9. Jo Dee – Singer of “Heads Carolina, Tails California,” Jo Dee Messina has had six songs reach No. 1 on the Billboard Country Chart.
  10. Gretchen – Gretchen Wilson is most famous for the mega hit “Redneck Woman.”
  11. Carrie – Oh Carrie Underwood, you beautiful, talented American Idol.
  12. Tanya Tucker – She’s been a country music stable since the late ’70s.
  13. Taylor Swift / T. Swift – Ah yes, that young, trendy country/pop star who loves to write songs about her ex boyfriends.
  14. Tammy Wynette – Called the “First Lady of Country Music,” Tammy Wynette’s best-known song is “Stand by Your Man.”
  15. Wynonna – Wynonna Judd found success as part of The Judds and also as a solo artist.
  16. Loretta – Loretta Lynn is another legendary country singer. In fact, she remains the most awarded female country recording artist.
  17. Johnny / Cash – Both make fun country dog names and pay tribute to an amazing man.
  18. Waylon – As in Waylon Jennings, the quintessential country singer.
  19. Buck – For Buck Owens, a pioneering musician and one time co-host of Hee Haw.
  20. Garth – Because Garth Brooks rules the world of country music! You can also call your pup Brooks in reference to the singer.

47 Dog Names Inspired By Music

If you have decided to give your dog a name that has something to do with music but is not a famous musician’s name, please check out this list now.

  1. Ariette
  2. Artist
  3. Bark Wahlberg
  4. Beat
  5. Billie Howl-iday
  6. Bone Jovi
  7. Broadway
  8. Chews Barkley
  9. Chord
  10. Clef
  11. Diggy Azalea
  12. Doggy Cash
  13. Doggy Parton
  14. Elvis Pawsley
  15. Enrique Doglasias
  16. Harmony
  17. Hymn
  18. Jazz
  19. Jive
  20. Julio Diglasias
  21. Katy Pawry
  22. Kawai
  23. Key
  24. LL Drool J
  25. Lyric
  26. Major
  27. Mariachi
  28. Melody
  29. Minor
  30. Note
  31. Notorious D.I.G.
  32. Octave
  33. Ozzi Pawsbourne
  34. Pitch
  35. Poco
  36. Mozart
  37. Rapper
  38. Rhythm
  39. Rock
  40. Rumba
  41. Sinead O’Collar
  42. Snarls Barkley
  43. Song
  44. Soul
  45. Tempo
  46. Toni
  47. Tune

As you can see from the list above, you don’t have to settle for naming your dog after a famous musician if you want your dog to have a musical name. There are plenty of alternatives that would make your dog’s name quite musical and groovy without being a repetition of someone’s name.

Regardless of whether you have decided to give your dog a musical name, I sincerely hope that this page has helped you find a unique dog name you’re gonna give your wonderful pet. If it did, please share one of this page’s images to Pinterest because that would help my site grow. Thanks for reading.

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