35 Hot Dog Puns And Jokes

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The Editor’s Favorite Hot Dog Joke

An American brings his Chinese friend to a hot dog stand.

The American orders a hot dog and tells his Chinese friend to try it because it’s delicious. So the Chinese guy also orders a hot dog.

When the hot dog is served, the Chinese guy looks shocked.

The American asks his Chinese friend: “What’s wrong?”

The Chinese guy replies: “When we eat dogs, we remove this part of the body.”

8 Funny Hot Dog Puns

Wurst Funny Hot Dog Puns
Are you Wurst like this Wurst hot dog?
  1. What do you get when your dog jumps into the fire pit? A hot dog.
  2. When can a pizza marry a hot dog? Only after a very frank relationship.
  3. What do you call a hot dog race? Wiener takes all.
  4. What do you give a dog with a fever? Mustard because it’s the best thing for a hot dog.
  5. What do you get when you cross a chili pepper, steam shovel, and a Chihuahua? Hot diggety dog.
  6. Did you see the movie about the hot dog? It was an Oscar Wiener.
  7. What did the hot dog bun say to the hot dog? Stop touching my buns.
  8. When does a hot dog have a close shave? At the barber-cue.

God And Hot Dog Jokes

The children were in the cafeteria of a Catholic school.

At one end of the table, there was a large tray of hot dogs. A sign on that tray said: “Take only one. God is watching.”

At the other end of the table, there was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. So one child whispered to another: “Take all you want. God is watching the hot dogs.”

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19 Relatively Clever Puns

  1. Nice buns.
  2. Franks a lot!
  3. So, we meat again.
  4. You’re a real weiner.
  5. Red, white, and barbecue.
  6. Salami get this straight.
  7. Hot dog lover since birth.
  8. Can I give you a condiment?
  9. Sun’s out, hot dog buns out.
  10. Playing ketchup with summer.
  11. Relish today and ketchup tomorrow.
  12. I prefer my puns and buns intended.
  13. Dear, hot dogs, you’re so barbe-cute.
  14. I’m going to flip when summer’s over.
  15. Relish the good times with your best friends.
  16. I mustard you a question: Do you like hot dogs?
  17. Out of every hot dog in the world, I pickle you.
  18. I think we grilled too much food. Ugh, what a pickle.
  19. Does your dog like these hot dog puns? Try telling them to your dog. If it barks in response, that means it likes them.

Hot Dog In Bread Joke

Why do all hot dogs look alike? Because they’re in bread.

Hot Dog In A Bar

A hot dog and a hamburger walk into a bar. The bartender sees them and says: “We don’t serve food here.”

While a man was eating a hot dog, a woman with a tiny dog walked up. She sat on a nearby bench and her dog began to bark at the eating man.

The man asked the woman: “May I throw him a bit?”

The woman replied: “Yes.”

The man picked up the dog and threw it far way.

Hot Dog And Hamburger

A man orders a hot dog and a hamburger. Then the waitress brings a plate with an open bun, takes a hamburger out of her armpit, and throws it on the bun.

The man asks the waitress: “What was all that about?”
The waitress replies: “I was keeping it warm.”
The man replies: “Cancel my hot dog.”

3 Puns From Reddit

  1. I relish the opportunity to ketchup at a later date.

  2. I hope you dance your buns off.

  3. Last, I declare you the weiner of the food contest.

Hot Dog Water: Not A Joke

You can buy a bottled hot dog water at a street festival in Vancouver. This product started as a joke but has become a real thing. You wouldn’t be able to buy it in the USA though. Plus, it costs 28.57 US dollars. So it’s probably best to avoid.

According to HuffPost, Douglas Bevans invented this weird drink. Mister Bevans was encouraging people to think critically about product marketing.

The tweet below proves that this hot dog water really exists.

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