Actor David Krumholtz

Actor David Krumholtz
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10 Top David Krumholtz Facts

1. David Krumholtz was born in Queens, NY to Michael and Judy Krumholtz. His father was postal worker and his mother, a Hungarian immigrant, worked as a dental assistant.

2. Krumholtz has done quite well for a man who describes his upbringing as “very working class, almost poor.” It is estimated that David Krumholtz has a net worth of 6 million dollars.

3. Krumholtz won his first acting role after following a friend to an open Broadway audition. He played Judd Hirsch’s son in Conversations with My Father.

4. Unbelievably, he’d play Judd Hirsch’s son again over ten years later in the hit series Numbers!

5. Krumholtz had been cast by Judd Apatow to play the fifth roommate in the Hollywood smash Knocked Up alongside other celebrity friends Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, Martin Starr and James Franco. He dropped out of the film to make a Woody Allen movie that never made it to production.

6. Apatow wouldn’t write Krumholtz back into the Knocked Up script, but he did allow Krumholtz to appear on the DVD extras.

7. Despite his character’s genius on Numbers, Krumholtz calls himself a “math idiot.” He received math crib sheets to study along with the scripts that were prepared by Caltech professor Gary Lorden.

8. Krumholtz attended New York University but never graduated. However, Lake Tahoe Community College awarded him an honorary Associate of Arts degree in Mathematics for his work on Numbers.

9. Krumholtz dropped out of college at New York University to play a college dropout named Billy Kulchak on the failed series Chicago Sons.

10. Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen were groomsmen at Krumholtz’ wedding to Vanessa Britting. The couple had a 36-month engagement due to Krumholtz’ obsessive planning.

David Krumholtz Biography

This part of page gives you a detailed look at David Krumholtz’s life. It explores his life before fame, shows his contribution to the world of showbiz, and discusses his various roles in movies and TV shows. It also discusses his life after mainstream success.

Life Before Fame

Born in 1978 in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, NY, David Krumholtz had what he calls a “working class” upbringing. His father Michael was a postal worker and the son of Polish immigrants. His mother Judy was a Hungarian immigrant herself and worked as a dental assistant. He has one older sister, Dawn.

At the age of 13 Krumholtz followed a friend to an open audition on Broadway that was casting for Conversations with My Father. Even though he’d never really considered an acting career prior to that day, he became instantly hooked. However, he’d primarily play “sidekick” roles for the next several years.

Krumholtz was attending the Stephen A. Halsey Junior High School in Queens when he began acting. Shortly after, he transferred to the Professional Children’s School, a Manhattan alternative school for children working in entertainment. He graduated in 1996, gaining acceptance to New York University. He dropped out of college after being cast for the TV series Chicago Sons.

Throughout the 90’s, David Krumholtz played mostly supporting characters. His roles as Bernard the Elf in The Santa Clause and Joel Glicker in Addams Family Values gained him critical notice and cult-status as a comedic actor, but he received little consideration as a lead actor. During this time, the prolific actor landed work on five TV series that did not get picked up for a second season including Monty, the aforementioned Chicago Sons, The Closer (not to be mistaken for the hit series bearing the same name starring Kyra Sedgwick), The Trouble With Normal and The Lyon’s Den.

He played guest roles on hit shows such as ER, Law and Order, and Undeclared.


Krumholtz’ slow rise to fame may arguably have begun in 1997 when he was cast in a series of films that broke from his family comedy background including The Ice Storm, The Slums of Beverly Hills and Liberty Heights. His much more complex role of Yussel in Barry Levinson’s critically successful Liberty Heights got the attention of Edward Burns, who would finally give Krumholtz his first shot at a leading adult role in the 2001 film Sidewalks of New York.

The independent film, while not necessarily a box office success, put Krumholtz on the map as a serious adult actor. Of course, there is no question that Numbers, beginning filming just a few short years later, was to be Krumholtz’ biggest commercial success. Judd Hirsch, with whom Krumholtz had worked as a child on his first acting job, was also a main cast number.

Krumholtz’ work on Numbers received positive viewer response, although no critical awards. The role made Krumholtz an instant household name and, in his mind, an unlikely heartthrob. As he noted, “The role of Charlie Eppes has changed me. I never imagined I would play a role like this. I lost some weight, grew my hair and now every woman in America over 40 wants to date me. It’s their daughters I want to convince. The truth is all this talk makes me blush. Me, I look in the mirror and all I see is this Jewish kid from Queens.”

Krumholtz would go on to receive several awards for his work on Bobby and My Suicidal Sweetheart.

Life After Fame

David Krumholtz has kept a quiet and relatively low public profile over the years. In 2010, he married his long-time partner, actress Vanessa Britting. The couple have two children, Pemma Mae (born in 2014) and Jonas (born in 2016). Despite frequently being in Los Angeles for work, the family is proud to call New York its home.

Tragically, David Krumholtz had a thyroid cancer scare in 2011. He didn’t let the diagnosis keep him down and continued working through a rigorous radiation therapy schedule.

Krumholtz uses his experience with cancer and his fame to raise money and awareness for a variety of cancer research charities, including campaigning extensively for the Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital while undergoing his own cancer treatment. He is now considered cancer-free.

A close friend of Seth Rogen, Krumholtz is also active in Hilarity for Charity. The charity seeks to raise Alzheimer’s Awareness amongst millennials and provides grants to assist families in subsidizing care for Alzheimer’s patients.

2 Best Scenes With David Krumholtz

Check out 2 scenes with David’s most hilarious movie roles:

1 Scene from Addams Family Values:

2 Scene from A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas:

Celebrities David Krumholtz Worked With

With over 45 film credits and 33 TV credits to his name, it may be harder to define who the actor hasn’t worked with than who he has worked with! Some of the most well-known actors he worked with are: Judd Hirsch, Joan Cusack, Christina Ricci, Tim Allen, Tobey Maguire, Elijah Wood, Sigourney Weaver, Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, Adrian Brody, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Heather Graham, Brittany Murphy, Rosanna Arquette, Jonah Hill, and Michael Cera.

The award-winning ensemble cast of Bobby included Krumholtz amongst Hollywood royalty such as Laurence Fishburne, Anthony Hopkins, and Martin Sheen as well as young Hollywood stars like Shia LeBeouf and Ashton Kutcher.

While working on 10 Things I Hate About You, David Krumholtz has worked with an actress you may know from Mad Men. The actress we are talking about has played the character of Cynthia Cosgrove on that TV show. Her name is Larisa Oleynik.

No list of the celebrities with whom Krumholtz has worked would be complete without the cast of Numbers, his longest running TV series and most recognized acting credit. Alongside Rob Morrow (best known for his role as Joel Fleischmann in Northern Exposure) and Judd Hirsch, Krumholtz would also star beside guest appearances by including his wife Vanessa, Rainn Wilson, and Neil Patrick Harris.

Krumholtz himself guest starred on a number of successful TV series after his fame broke, including Law and Order SVU, the Newsroom, and Key and Peele.

3 Best Photos Of David Krumholtz

These are some of the coolest photos of David Krumholtz we could find on the Internet, so why don’t you share them with your friends?

1 David Krumholtz On The Poster Of Numbers

2 David Krumholtz In 10 Things I Hate About You

3 David Krumholtz In The Santa Clause

Video Interview With David Krumholtz You Need To See

11 Top David Krumholtz Movies And TV Shows

A complete list of David Krumholtz movies and TV shows is extensive and available on, but we can’t resist reminiscing about some of our favorites:

1. Who can forget Bernard the Elf in The Santa Clause?

2. Everyone was rooting for Wednesday Adams and Joel Glicker in Addams Family Values.

3. We loved Krumholtz as Barry Scweiber in Freaks and Geeks.

4. He was voice talent for Sausage Party, a film he called “possibly the dirtiest movie ever made.”

5. Charlie Eppes in Numbers made math seem pretty cool.

7. Mr. Universe in Serenity won the Krumholtz the hearts of the sci-fi crowd.

8. Krumholtz’ multiple reprisals of Goldstein in the Harold & Kumar series have kept us laughing.

9. Superbad brought us the unforgettable Benji Austin.

10. 10 Things I Hate About You is one of the best ensemble casts to come out of the 90’s. Krumholtz played Michael the AV Geek to perfection.

11. His role as Max in My Suicidal Sweetheart is breathtaking.

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