Actress Vanessa Britting

Actress Vanessa Britting
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Life Before Marriage

The Vanessa Britting bio begins with her birth in Rockaway, New Jersey on August 30, 1980. Rockaway is a small city in Morris County and has a population of 6400 people. During her childhood, Vanessa likely knew many of the people who lived there. Acting opportunities are not easily found in small cities like Rockaway. It must have been difficult for her to leave the familiarity and safety of Rockaway to start a life as an unknown actress. She made her film debut in the short film Snippets in 2004. The movie was filmed in Lancaster, California.

Life After Marriage

If there were Vanessa Britting Wikipedia page, it would reveal that Britting is married to TV actor David Krumholtz. The David Krumholtz and Vanessa Britting wedding took place in May 2010. Krumholtz is known for his role on the TV series Numb3rs. They dated for five years and were engaged for 23 months before getting married. Now the couple have two children together. Their first daughter Pemma Mae was born in April 2014. Their first son Jonas was born in December 2016.

4 Best Photos From Vanessa Britting Wedding

These are some of the cutest and coolest photos from the wedding of these two awesome actors, so why not share them to your Pinterest board?

1. Aren’t Vanessa and her husband cute?
Vanessa Britting And David Krumholtz Wedding

2. These two have famous friends, so we bet you recognize the actor to the right of David Krumholtz:
Vanessa Britting, David Krumholtz, And Actor Seth Rogen

3. Whoo-hoo! It’s party time with Vanessa Britting!
Wedding Party Of Vanessa Britting

4. Aren’t this couple adorable? Or maybe you think their cake is more adorable than they are? Either way, share this photo to Pinterest.
Vanessa Britting Cutting Wedding Cake

Vanessa Britting Movies And TV Shows

Britting is perhaps best known for her TV roles. She had a minor role on the series Young & The Restless as the character Molly Doherty from 2006 to 2008. Young & The Restless is the longest running soap opera on TV. It is a fan favorite for running story lines that touch on illicit affairs, murder, betrayal, and other taboo topics.

She also guest starred on Without a Trace as the character Angela. This series got high ratings for its thrilling crime stories and complex plots. It ran on CBS from 2004 to 2009 and won a Golden Globe award. It can still be watched on cable networks like ION.

Britting then went on to guest star on the highly rated TV series Desperate Housewives. She appeared in the episode “The-God-Why-Don’t-You-Love-Me-Blues” as the character Molly. This episode centered on Katherine being upset about a wedding cake that she made. The cake was made for her canceled wedding to the character Mike. Other subplots in the episode touch on Lynette’s early pregnancy and Julie coming out of the coma. It aired on October 18, 2009.

How Vanessa Britting Met Her Husband

Britting’s career crossed the path of her future husband’s in 2007. She starred alongside him on November 16 of that year as the character Harper Simms. This Vanessa Britting Numb3rs episode is called “Tabu”. It followed the story of Megan being kidnapped and awaiting rescue from the team. Megan became alarmed at the team’s behavior during her rescue. Numb3rs ran from 2005 to 2010 on CBS. It was well received by fans for its quirky yet lovable characters and fast-paced story lines. Reruns can be found on cable networks like TBS.

Britting’s newest movie will be released soon. That movie is called The Trouble with Muffins. It is a comedy that stars actors like Jason Rose and Corinne Decker. It follows the story of Rose’s 30-year old character Hal who does not want his life to change.

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