Leaf Puns: 35 Most Funny Leaf Jokes The Humorless Will Hate

These are the most funny leaf puns you’ll find. LOL with ’em now or regret missing ’em.

While the leaves can get dusty and even dirty, the jokes you’ll find here are for the most part perfectly clean. In short, these are the best leaf jokes for kids and adults. All of them are hilarious, many of them are cute, and one of them pokes fun at that wonderful feeling of love. Plus, this page has some other awesome content you’ll definitely enjoy. In short, leaves have never been funnier than here on Humoropedia.com.

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19 Funny Leaf Puns

  1. Guru said to the penguin: “Let’s leaf it at that.” The penguin asked: “Is there a hidden meaning behind this?” The guru replied: “Yes, today leaf signifies my great drunkenness.”

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Forest Road Covered In Leaves

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  1. Absent without leaves.
  2. I’m going to turn over a new leaf.
  3. Do you beleaf in magic?
  4. Never leaf me.
  5. I can’t be-leaf my ears.
  6. Why do leaves change color in the fall? Because they want to leaf their old color.
  7. I be-leaf in you.
  8. Chin up, my dear friend. I be-leaf in you.
  9. I’m in disbe-leaf.
  10. If you ever need a friend, look no further than trees. They wood never leaf you and always stick together.
  11. Don’t stop be-leafing. If you like this leaf pun, you’ll also like these awesome tree puns.
  12. Are you oakay? Yes, I’m pine.
  13. What do trees hand out at concerts? Leaflets.
Leaf Pun About Concerts
  1. What do oak trees have that other trees don’t? Oak leaves. If you like this pun, please check out these 15 best funny plant puns now because you’ll like ’em too.
  2. Don’t leaf me hanging.
  3. I’m in disbe-leaf.
  4. Do you have the right qua-leaf-ications?
  5. You don’t like the outdoors? Unbe-leaf-able.

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9 Funny Leaf Jokes

  1. The new startup founder bragged: “In our French cuisine startup, you don’t take a French leave. You take a French leaf into your rear part when you get fired.”
  2. The landlord told the hoarder to leave his crap behind or not to to enter the apartment. A few days later, the landlord came to check on the renter. He saw the same stuff as before, only covered in leaves. The landlord asked: “Why is your crap covered in leaves?” The hoarder replied: “You told me to leaf the crap, so I did.”

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Leaves Covered In Raindrops
  1. What did the leaf feel when he first saw his long-lost nephew? He was so g-leaf-ul.
  2. How did the leaf get a promotion on the second year of his job? He leaft a good impression on his boss.
  3. How can one tree contact another tree? Through a teleafone.
  4. How did the struggling leaf get the job? He got the right qua-leaf-ications.
Leaf Joke About Getting The Job
  1. What happens if a tree falls into mud? It leafs an impression.
  2. Why should you never date someone who’s named Autumn? Because they will leaf you.
  3. What does a leaf say when he’s stressed or angry? Leaf me alone.

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One Of The Editor’s Favorite Leaf Puns

Why was the leaf shaped like a chicken? It was from a poultree.

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Leaf Humor: 3 Best Memes From Reddit

These are the most upvoted memes from Reddit. They feature the best leaf humor from Reddit.

Leaf Humor Parody Meme
Reddit Leaf Meme About A Puppy
Keanu Leaves Parody Meme

3 Leaf One Liners

  1. How do trees make themselves heard? Amp-leaf-ication.
  2. What do trees feel in spring? Re-leaf.
  3. Why didn’t the tree hunt? It was against his beleafs.

3 Best Leaf Puns From Reddit

Green And White Leaves
  1. I’ll leaf you alone now, as there’s not mushroom for more people to contreebute.
  2. Leaf the work to us?
  3. I fernly beleaf my tree puns are qualitree, you can leaf me alone if you disagreen.

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