1) How do plants keep things under control?  They weed out unnecessary drama and ask troublemakers to leaf.

2) What’s a cheerleading herb called? An encourage mint.

3) You know what really bugs me? Insect puns.

4) What did the boy plant say to his girlfriend?  I’ll never leaf you.

5) What did the plant say to her sister when she came home? Long thyme no see.

6) How do trees get online?  They just log in.

8) What do you call a bee that can’t make up its mind?  A maybee.

9) What’s the scariest plant? Bam-boo!

10) Why did the tomato blush?Because it saw the salad dressing. If you like this plant pun, please share it to Pinterest now because your friends would be amused.

11) How do you get a plant drunk?  You give it root beer.

12) Why do trees have so many friends?  They branch out.

13) What plant should you watch out for? An ambush.

14) How does a plant answer the phone? Aloe?

15) What do you call an everyday potato? A commen-tater.