15 Flower Memes For The  Flower Lover  In You  Because

This bouquet is only for cats who drink tea,  not for humans.

Ha-Ha. I'm now a tea-drinking cat with a bouquet. Deal with that while I conquer your world, Human.


And that was not the only human in the sunflower fields. More & More humans  went into the sunflower fields, unaware of the dark secret.

the sunflowers were secretly happy that their dark secret was known only to their accomplices

And cats and kittens like this one were Their mighty accomplices.

But humans didn't know that. They were busy thinking what sunflowers implanted into their minds: silliness like what you're about to see  next.

What flower is the biggest klutz? A whoopsie-daisy.

What's the only flower that grows on a face? Tulip. If you like this funny flower meme, please share it to pinterest now.

Roses need therapy.  It helps them get to the root of their problems.

The roses were close friends. Their friendship was almost unbeleafable.

The rose was very lazy.  He had a seedentary lifestyle. And so he didn't do anything to help the sunflowers & cats With their dark secret.

The sunflowers and cats planned to take over the world with their cuteness. That was the dark secret they tried to hide.

But you can't hide cuteness, and so they failed to take over the world. They couldn't believe it.