Funniest Picture of the Day

Here you may find the funniest collection ever.

It features “Funniest Picture of the Day” for each of the days when we were not wasted and could find something for you. Most of the days we could not. So thank the higher power we managed to find something. Some of us think it is the ultimate miracle.

Miracle! Look at me! I'm Jesusing!

Yep, we are Jesusing just like that.

Why are there days when you did not post “Funniest Picture of the Day”? You may ask. Well, we already said it, or at least implied it: we had a bad hangover, so have some pity on us. Or if you don’t have pity on us, we would make a meme based on your lousy life and would send it to your ex-girlfriend. Just kidding, we would never do that: we are way too nice for that.

Funniest Picture of the Day | June 2014


I remember it like it was yesterday...

I shit you not







no disrespect but this it kinda true

Pizza guy uses _Stop short_ - It's super effective

Funny Picture of the Day | May 2014






funny-pictures-of-the-day (2)


funny-pictures-of-the-day-164 (View image)



Funny Picture of the Day | April 2014

Which funny step you reached today?
Regret! Why did I vote for Obama?!
College Screwing You While Teaching You - Very Funny Picture
Dog Is The  Mans Best Friend - Funny Reason Why

January 25th, 2014 Subway Spoof - Zombie - Eat Flesh - Funny Picture


January 20th, 2014 YouTube Spoof - YouIdiot


January 9th, 2014 Funny Picture of The Day - Buy iPhone - Comes with Maps



January 6th, 2014 Funny Spoof of Windows Error Message


January 4th, 2014 Funny Quote about Man Who Uses Woman's Restroom



January 2nd, 2014 Road Sign with Funny Sex Joke


Funniest Picture of the Day – December 30th, 2013 Funny Sex Jokes - Egghead: "Last chick to sit on my face was my mother!"


December 29th, 2013 Funny Picture of the Day: "Lousy Food, Hot Beer, Bad Service."


December 25th, 2013 Funny Picture of the Day: "Fear will motivate you like nothing else in this world."


Funny Picture of the Day – December 21st, 2013

Funny Pictures - Warning Sign: "Is there life after death?"


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