WTO Is The New Barack Obama


Barack Obama has ceded his presidential powers to World Trade Organization (WTO). He explained that decision with the following words:

“I, Barack Obama, suck more than any other president of the United States. I destroyed more jobs than anybody else. I also helped the corporate America destroy any vestige of freedom that was left since Clinton administration. Now I talk to you to let you know that from January 1st, 2015 I will be like the Queen of England. I will reign but not rule. I will still get my salary though”.

Then Obama apparently forgot that the mic was still on:

“Suckers. They will still be paying me my salary, even though I am not even a citizen and don’t have a passport.”

It is not immediately clear what steps World Trade Organization will take. Some scholars speculate that they will help China get additional labor for their sweatshops. Anyone disagreeing with Congress’ policies can be sent to China’s sweatshops, to work on iPhones and iPads, all for the sake of helping America’s companies prosper.

The Republicans have already congratulated Obama on taking the right step. So did Fox News, which said that Obama has taken the first right step during his whole second term.


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