Internet Freedom: Something Both Obama and Republicans Want To Suppress

Protect the Internet Freedom

We took this picture from These guys are doing something to protect the Internet Freedom. So should you.

Republicans and Barack Obama have finally found something they can agree on. This something is Internet Freedom.

Both Republican Party and Barack Obama have agreed that there is too much Internet Freedom in the United States. They have come to this conlusion after being lobbied by tech giants. These tech gians – which shall rename nameless – have expressed disapproval at the fact they are being criticized.

Now that they are richer than Exxon Mobil and Shell Oil, they consider themselves even more powerful, so they have reportedly issued the following statement to Barack Obama:

“You better give us a leeway to do whatever we want with user’s data, or your dirty email exchanges with your mistresses would be leaked online, along with compromising pictures you sent through Gmail.”

Here is the lesson therefore: don’t use email for sensitive information exchange. That seems to be the lesson all the world’s politicians and businessmen seem to be forgetting.

If you think this story is far-fetched, consider the real news reported by the New Yorker:

On Thursday, Freedom House published its fifth annual report on Internet freedom around the world. As in years past, China is again near the bottom of the rankings, which include sixty-five countries. Only Syria and Iran got worse scores, while Iceland and Estonia fared the best….

China’s place in the rankings won’t come as a surprise to many people. The notable part is that the report suggests that, when it comes to Internet freedom, the rest of the world is gradually becoming more like China and less like Iceland. The researchers found that Internet freedom declined in thirty-six of the sixty-five countries they studied, continuing a trajectory they have noticed since they began publishing the reports in 2010.

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