Warren Buffett Has Wasted 10 Billion Dollars On Facebook

Warren Buffett

You may have heard of a legendary investor Warren Buffett. His net worth is estimated at 71.9 billion (as of November 2014). But now 10 billion of his money has been invested in Facebook stock. The reason he gave is interesting.

Warren Buffett has claimed that he went insane and does not like money anymore. Facebook investment would help him get rid of all that enormous amount of money he accumulated.

His wife and children have sued him claiming he does not have the right to squander their inheritance, or they would hire someone to murder him before he spent it on Facebook.

Bill Gates has also sued Warren Buffett. Warren has previously promised to donate a huge chunk of his net worth to Gates’ charity. Bill Gates claims he has the right to confine Warren Buffett to mental asylum for breaking his promise, because he is richer than Buffett.

Barack Obama said he would do whatever Warren Buffett tells him to, even if Warren Buffett is proven to be clinically insane. Obama has been proven to be clinically insane, so it makes perfect sense he would listen to a fellow madman.

Republican Congressmen commented on this issue with the following words:

“Even if our brothers-billionaires go insane, we would still support their policies, even if these policies cause a nuclear war or the collapse of human civilization.”

Fox News have been very enthusiastic about this development. They say that perhaps Warren Buffett would go insane enough to buy their worthless stock and make Rupert Murdoch a billion or two richer.

We have previously reported that Fox News sucks like a two dollar hooker. Well, now that this development has unfolded, we report that they suck even worse than that and about as much as Republicans. Just take a look at the headline they used to report the news of Buffett investing in Facebook:

“Follow Warren Buffett’s Greatest Move”

Right beneath that headline, there was the following disclosure, in tiny font:

“Facebook Paid Us 10 Million Dollars To Run This Story”

Facebook paid us nothing at all to run this story. So we report it under the proper title.

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Roman Marshanski
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