This Is How My Best Friend Ended Up In Jail After Night In A Bar


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‘Carly, hang up the phone… Carly, hang up right now!’ I pleaded with my best friend. Of course, being the strong willed 19 year old that she was, she didn’t listen. “911, What is your emergency?” I could hear the dispatcher on the other end of the payphone. I rolled my eyes and shook my head at Carly in disbelief as she proceeded to tell her insanely fabricated story.

A few minutes before that 911 call we had left our college bar, after drinking several 10 cent beers, and discovered that her 1990 bright yellow Chevrolet Tracker had been broken into. All of her then oh-so-cool subwoofers had been stolen.

Carly went to the payphone to call 911 to file a police report when the operator hastily told her she’d have to come downtown tomorrow to fill out a report… ‘Toledo police are way too busy to deal with such things right now.’

Well, that wasn’t good enough for Carly. She decided to call 911 back and get the police there one way or another. ‘THERE’S BEEN A BAR FIGHT AT CLUB COLLEGE… THERE WERE GUNSHOTS, AND I SAW A KNIFE! THERE ARE PEOPLE LAYING IN THE PARKING LOT WHO HAVE BEEN STABBED AND SHOT!!’

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I pleaded with my friend to hang up so we could get out of there as fast as possible. We were, after all, at a bar…. only 19 years old and well under the legal drinking age! But she insisted on staying.

I listened in horror as sirens from every direction started pouring in, their sounds intensifying as they got closer. I could see red and blue lights flashing and making their way to the practically empty parking lot of Club College. Within two minutes there were several paddy wagons, at least one ambulance, and I’d say about 6 police cars.

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I was frozen as the police, guns drawn, frantically tried to figure out where the fighting was, where the injured were, and most importantly to them, who had the guns.

Carly, quite confidently, walked up to an officer and told him that her Chevrolet Tracker had been broken into and that she was “pissed”. She wanted to file a police report.

The next thing I remember was Carly sobbing, being handcuffed, and sitting in the back of a police car. She suddenly looked quite sober while pleading with me to call her dad. She was very scared.

She was charged with underage drinking, inducing panic, and making false alarms. I ended up walking back to our dorm alone, truly in disbelief over what I had just witnessed.

Carly had to pay a big fine and was on probation for several months. Our days of jamming in the Tracker with obnoxiously loud music had quickly come to a halt. She unfortunately never recovered her beloved subwoofers. I have a feeling the police didn’t try too hard to find them.

That was a crazy night that I’m sure Carly would take back if she could. But to be honest I’m kind of happy it happened. Twenty years later it certainly makes for a funny story!

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