IT Worker Becomes Living Dead VS. Horse On The Balcony

This article is part of our series ‘Who Is Weirder?’. In it we present you 2 weird news and let you decide which 1 is weirder.

IT Worker Becomes Living Dead

If you look like dead, you may make a lot of money. “How?” You may ask. Well, you would have to lie around pretending to be dead. That’s what a former IT worker Chuck Lamb did. According to The Daily Mirror, he “earns up to $1,500 (£885) a day for playing a corpse in films and television programmes”.

“What’s his secret?” You may ask. Well, he is pale, bald, and has bags under his eyes. But if you look about the same, don’t rush into thinking you are about to make a of money playing dead. There are a couple of preparatory steps you would need to take.

According to The Daily Mirror, “he set about creating his own website and uploaded a series of photos and videos of him being run over, crushed under a garage door, electrocuted by a toaster, and more.” Sounds like a day in the life of very unfortunate person. So you would have to put up with that if you want to start playing dead. And who doesn’t? It’s easy and profitable, as long as there are TV shows like Law & Order.

Horse on The Balcony

I think it’s reasonable to keep horse on the balcony. After all, that’s the best way to make sure it doesn’t get stolen. You may think I’m joking. But that’s exactly what Borys Kozlowski did.

According to The Daily Mirror, he walked the horse “through his flat and out onto the terrace because he was worried that the animal would be stolen”.

I think he did the right thing. The horse wasn’t his. It was his friend’s. Therefore, he made sure that his friend keeps the horse. I wish I had a friend like him.

Roman Marshanski
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