10 Jokes About Stuttering By Person Who Sometimes Stutters

1. I’m not embarrassed of my stuttering. I enjoy testing people’s patience.

2. I’m not embarrassed of repeating the same sentence over and over again. Repetition is the mother of learning.

3. Don’t tell me stuttering is bad. It’s bad only if you have to listen to it.

4. Don’t tell me you can’t get laid. I did even though I stutter.

5. Stuttering can be useful. The other day a cop pulled me over for speeding, I stuttered and stuttered and stuttered and stuttered. He left without giving me a ticket.

6. Stuttering can be powerful. The other day a girl refused to give me her number, I said: “If that’s because of my stuttering, I would sue you for discrimination.”

7. Stuttering can be misleading. When a person looks at me like I’m dumber than he, I think: “Maybe I’m stuttering right now, but I’ve read almost all Shakespeare’s works in unabridged editions, got 4.5 GPA in my senior year, got speaking parts in movies, and learnt Web programming on my own, so who’s a retard?”

8. If somebody asks me: “What happened to make you stutter?” I reply: “I don’t stutter. I’ve repeated it because I just wasn’t sure if you have problems with hearing.”

9. I don’t always stutter. But when I do, I make sure I repeat everything at least 70 times.

10. Follow Me on Google+ if you want to hear the same thing 70 times in a row.

Roman Marshanski
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