Can of Beer Helps Cops Bust A Criminal


Ever got drunk? Ever got drunk and angry? Ever got drunk when you were angry?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, you are lucky you have not ended up like this guy. And you are an even luckier person if you did not end up in jail.

This guy went burglarizing while drinking beer. No wonder he was discovered. That can of beer he was drinking led cops to find him through a DNA test.

The Daily Mirror has put it the following way: “A dim-witted burglar was caught after his DNA was found on a can of lager he left at the crime scene.”

The saddest part is that he has not finished it (probably because it was brewed in Britain). This said, it still was Homer Simpson’s favorite drink. So any alcoholics reading this article will probably sympathize with him.

Besides, the guy did not manage to steal anything (blame the alcohol I guess). So the morale of the story is clear: crime pays, but not when you are drunk.

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Roman Marshanski
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