Apple’s iCloud Is Now Literally In The Cloud


You may have heard of a recent scandal surrounding leaked celebrity photos. What you haven’t heard is the Apple’s ingenious response. You may object that it wasn’t ingenious, but then you’d be talking about something else.

We do know that Apple has slashed prices for its iCloud services following the photo leak scandal. But there is a new technology that Apple will use to diminish the bad press from that scandal.

Before you read about this technology, you should know that no one else has reported it. Even the vast majority of Apple employees don’t know about it. That’s because it’s top-secret info known only to Tim Cook.

The ingenuity of Apple’s new invention is indeed amazing. Even Steve Jobs must have been amazed by it. The idea is simple: let anyone who sees cloud in the sky access any files found in iCloud.

You may think this is straight out of sci-fi. You may even think that this just a joke made up by someone with good imagination. However, our sources cannot be wrong. They are the assistants of Tim Cook, the great genius who will make anything stored in iCloud visible in the sky, including the naked celebrity photos.

But the amaziness does not stop here. You wouldn’t even need a smartphone to access those iCloud files. You would be able to do this with iWatch. Or if you have a smartphone, you would be able to do far more than just access files.

You would be able to do almost anything imaginable – including hacking into anyone’s Google Drive – if you have BandGate iBend and there is a cloud in the sky. BendGate iBend is the new Apple phone nobody knows about. It was first revealed to our team by secret source at Apple itself. You can read more about BendGate iBend at this article. It is truly amazing phone that puts iPhone to shame.

“How is it possible to use a plain cloud to access iCloud?” You may be asking yourself. That’s the same question we’re asking ourselves. Well, apparently Apple has outdone everyone else, sci-fi enthusiasts included. So watch out. Apple may soon start controlling your mind without you ever noticing. It already did so to millions of people who cannot stop buying its products.

Indeed, mind control and Internet access are two connected concepts, at least in Apple’s eyes. So we will talk about this exciting, yet never-talked-about-before idea in one of the next articles. So subscribe and you will be the first to know about it.

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