Terminator Genisys Sucks So Bad James Cameron Vomited

Terminator Genisys

We can go on and on about how much this movie is going to suck. But before we do so, let’s mention the best part.

You would not see the best part of Terminator Genisys in a trailer, so let’s mention it: it is the rear part of main heroine. No, we are not being sexist: the creators of Terminator Genisys totally agree with us. Why else would they put a picture of it on the most prominent part of their homepage?

Oh, and they did not think it is enough to put this picture just on the homepage. They also put it on their poster. So if you visit this movie’s IMDB page, you would find the exact same picture of her rear part. Apparently, the movie’s creators are appealing to the wrong part of imagination. They should switch to a different genre.

This movie is going to be another indication of the same old trend, the trend that Hollywood is continuing to reach new lows. Not only does the trailer suck, but it is also a complete rip-off of previous Terminator movies. It is as if the creators of Terminator Genisys tried to remake Terminator 1 and 2, only to find out that they are capable only of fucking it up. That’s what they did: they fucked it up so bad it makes you wonder if they made this movie to insult James Cameron. I would not be surprised if they did.

There is one thing about this movie that was changed, however. The line “everything’s changed”. It does not convince us that the people behind this movie managed to add anything of value to Teminator saga, however. Shortly put, this movie is going to be so bad Arnie would have to get artificial hair, because his natural hair would fall out due to embarrassment.

All of this may be the reason James Cameron has reportedly vomited when seeing the trailer. After vomiting and swearing at the movie’s crew, he said:

Nothing has disgusted me that much in my film career. The people who made this movie should be banned from Hollywood forever. I will personally make sure none its creators will work in Hollywood again.

James Cameron was right. But he would not even need to do anything to ruin their careers. They have already ruined their careers with terrible performances, slipshod direction, and uninspired CGI.

Performances were so bad you could not believe actors this bad exist. The casting director must have worked real hard to find actors this bad. We have seen lots of bad acting, but this trailer outdoes them all: it is a pinnacle of bad acting.

The way scenes are shot seems to be a complete rip-off of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. But not only is the way they are shot a rip-off. The dialogue and storyline seem to be a copycat of Terminator 2. So bad it makes you wonder if the guys behind this movie won a lottery and decided to go to Hollywood.

Overall, the trailer sucks so bad we would stay ten thousand kilometers away from the nearest movie theater. Do the same, or be damned for life by this movie.

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