Elephant Uses Car To Get Relief From An Itch


Source: The Mirror

What if you were in the car while an elephant used it for an itch relief? I guess you would be pretty happy that your car has helped a wild creature with its natural need.

But don’t take my word for granted. Put yourself in elephant’s shoes. Your ear is itching. Then there is suddenly something on wheels. What an opportunity to scratch your ear!

So I think the elephant considered himself welcome. Otherwise, why would such a considerate creature destroy a part of the car?

Well, perhaps the elephant was high on marijuana and has mistaken car for a tree. That would be understandable. When the economy is so bad even elephants start to seek escape.

If you think we have photoshopped the picture above, you are wrong. You can click on the link above and it would take you to original source.

Here is what that original source has reported by the way: “The VW Polo and its two terrified occupants found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time as the giant elephant stooped down to rub itself against the vehicle’s roof and bonnet.”

I do not agree with the original source. I think the people in the car must have found themselves rejoiced at the fact that mother nature has stooped down to rub itself against them. I think they were happy to feel a touch of mother nature, even if that mother nature was as big an elephant. Don’t laugh here. It’s a serious matter. Mother nature deserves to be respected, even it rubs an elephant’s ear against you.

Seriously speaking, is not it nice when such a good-looking creature as elephant rubs itself against something you owe (unless it is your private part)? Well, maybe it is not. Maybe an elephant should have known better. Maybe an elephant is lucky it was not the car of Russian mafia.

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