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11 Deer Puns

Deer Pun About Cloning Service
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  1. I’ve opened a deer cloning service. It’s for anyone hoping to make a quick buck.
  2. What’s a deer’s go-to ice cream flavor? Cookie-doe.
  3. What deer only comes out at Halloween? Franken-moose.
  4. Why is Mrs. Claus always hugging the reindeer? They are so deer to her. If you like this deer pun, you’ll also like these really funny Santa Claus jokes.
  5. Where do deer get all of their coffee? Star-bucks.
  6. The child told his parent he saw a deer on the way to school. The parent replied: “How do you know it was going to school?” If you find this funny, you’ll like these hilarious school jokes.
  7. What did the deer order to drink at the bar? Ice cold deer.
  8. My friend found a deer stuck in a fence. It took him 3 hours, but he was able to rescue it. He’ll do anything for a buck.
  9. What Disney movie can a deer watch over and over again? Fawn-tasia.
  10. Who did the deer invite to her birthday party? Her deerest friends.
  11. What kind of deer make great weather forecasters? Rain-deer.

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3 Funny Deer Jokes

Gorgeous Deer During Foggy Day
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  1. An engineer, a physicist, and a statistician go hunting in the woods. They spot a deer and take turns shooting at it. First goes the physicist. He look at the angle, calculates the speed of the bullet and shoots, but his shot goes 50 meters to the right. The engineer says he didn’t count for the wind and takes his shot, but his shot goes 50 meters to the left. Then the statistician yells: “Hurrah! We did it!”
  2. Three blondes were taking a walk when they stumbled on some tracks. They argued on what the tracks came from. One of them said: “It’s a deer.” The other said: “It’s a coyote.” The last one was going to give her thoughts, but then the train killed them.
  3. A man had been away from home for 3 days trying to hunt a deer. Finally, he was able to shoot the largest deer he had ever seen. He took it home and kept it a surprise from everybody else. He cooked it in the shed so that no one could see what it was. When he brought the cooked deer to the table, his kids asked what it was. “It’s what your mother calls me.” He said with a smile on his face. The eldest son was repulsed by this statement and shouted: “Nobody eat it! It’s a dog!”

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Interesting Deer Video

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4 Deer Hunting Jokes

  1. How did the hunter manage his schedule and time every day? He had a calen-deer to take care of that.
  2. A deer hunter asked his Pastor if it was a sin to hunt on Sunday. “From what I hear about your aim,” said the Pastor, “It’s a sin for you to hunt any time.”
  3. Why did the man decide to quit his old job and go hunting full time? Because he heard deer hunters get huge bucks.
  4. A 10-point buck walked into a lodge restaurant and ordered a burger and fries. After the deer finished and was paying, the cashier said: “We don’t see too many deer around here.” “At these prices,” replied the buck, “I’m not surprised.”

One Of The Best Deer Puns Ever: Awesome Deer Play On Words

brown deer standing on the grass field

What does a deer do when it gets to its friend’s house? Rings the deer bell.

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