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These are some of the funniest bear puns and jokes you’ll ever read. So please check ’em out now and share ’em later.

Did you know that a bear can hibernate for up to 100 days at a time apparently because the best progress is made when you’re asleep and snoring?

Oh well, hibernation hasn’t come to the human workplace yet, but there’s always room for laziness to expand.

Either way, the bear one liners below are clean and awesome. So they’re perfect both for kids and adults. Plus, most of them are perfect for Instagram captions because they’re short. In short, you’ve definitely come to the right place because here you’ll find the best animal jokes about bears and something else quite interesting.

9 Bear Puns

bear pun about shoes
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  1. The bear says he doesn’t like to wear shoes. He says he likes to be bear foot.
  2. What’s one thing a grizzly bear can break just by growling? The sound bearier.
  3. What’s a koala’s favorite drink? A root bear float.
  4. What’s a park ranger’s favorite element? Bearium.
  5. Why did the teddy bear say no to the ice cream? He was beyond stuffed. If you like this bear pun, you’ll also like these 59 funniest ice cream puns.
  6. Which animal can hibernate while standing on its head? Yoga Bear.
  7. What do you get when you cross a bear with a garden? Squash.
  8. What do you call a bear working at a coffeeshop? A bearista.
  9. Why did the bear cross the road? It was the chicken’s day off.

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3 Koala Bear Jokes

baby koala bear sleeping on the tree branch
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Fun fact: koala bear isn’t a bear, koala bear is a marsupial native to Australia. And a marsupial is a Martian alien because koala bears can fly; everyone knows that. Don’t even get me started. Seriously speaking, marsupials are members of the mammalian infraclass Marsupialia, so you can say they’re pretty awesome mammals.

  1. Which poet do koala bears love? Shakesbear.
  2. What is a koala’s favorite exercise? Bearobics.
  3. How do koala bears stop a TV show? They hit the paws button.

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3 Polar Bear Puns

two polar bears standing on the snow

Fun fact: polar bears sometimes clean themselves by rolling in the snow. Apparently, they like fun and should be Instagram stars. Seriously speaking, they don’t always clean themselves that way.

Sometimes, they just swim, apparently preparing for the Olympic Games. So I wonder why we haven’t seen them compete. They must be too stressed out from all the rolling in the snow because it’s so hard to do when it’s so much fun.

But I digressed a little too much. The best three puns are below.

  1. What do you call a toothless polar bear cub? A gummy bear.
  2. What type of cereal does the polar bear always have for breakfast? Ice Krispies.
  3. What types of drawings are panda bears really good at drawing? Self paw-traits.

These puns have come to an end. But did you know that the polar bear is the most recently evolved species of this animal? Apparently, it takes a lot of evolving to be so warm during such cold weather. And they’re warm indeed: so warm that they can overheat. That’s a fact, not a joke. Either way, if you like the polar bear puns you’ve read, I think you’ll also like these 19 funniest deer puns.

3 Funny Bear Jokes

brown bear looking up

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  1. Chuck Norris has a bear rug in his living room. It’s not dead or anything. It’s just too scared to move.
  2. Which bear lives next door to you? Your neigh-bear.
  3. What’s a polar bear’s favorite food? Iceberg lettuce.

Interesting Video About Grizzly Bears

Please watch this video now because these grizzly bears are mesmerizing.

One Of The Best Bear Puns Ever: Awesome Bear Play On Words

panda bear eating bamboo

What do you call a bear with extreme mood swings? A bi-polar-bear.

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