Is He Dead? Or Is He Just Meditating?

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That’s the question the Indian court is asked to answer, though the police have already ruled that he is dead. After they ruled that they changed their minds though. The guy suddenly seemed alive. Was it because someone suddenly helped them with cash? Or was it because they suddenly realized how deep the meditation can be? The answer to this question lies in the details of this story.

The guy who is “meditating” is the spiritual leader worth more than 100 million dollars. Therefore, they have a bit of a problem: if he is meditating, his “followers” get to keep the control of his assets; if he is dead, his son and wife would inherit all those assets. So the question boils down to: “Who will get 100 million green dollars?”

I did do yoga. But I’m not sure if he is dead or meditating. Luckily for me, I was never that deep in meditation. Plus, so far I never had 100 million dollars, so nobody tried to put me in deep meditation.

On the other hand, if you think he is dead, would you want to cremate him? That’s what his son and wife want to do. Doesn’t seem such a nice thing. After all, you can show some respect and not burn the guy while he is meditating. I myself would want something a little nicer to happen to me while I’m meditating. I’m not sure about him of course. He may be one of those who like it hot.

How about yourself? Do you like it when meditation is very hot? Or do you like it very hot only when it is dinner time?

Meditation + Dinner in Hell - Funny Picture

The Hot Place to Meditate With Your Family and Friends?

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