Marriage Proposal in Grocery Store

Blonde Girl in Grocery Store

Guy proposed to girl in a grocery store. That was the same grocery store where they met each other for the first time.

When they met for the first time, he just started talking to her. Or if you want a fancy version, here is how Yahoo News put it: “Romannikov first saw his bride-to-be looking over kombucha tea labels”. Do you really need to know this though? Who cares what kind of tea she was looking at? It is more interesting what he was looking at.

Fast forward to this guy dating this girl. Well, he apparently liked it, because eventually he contacted that same grocery store and asked if he can propose to her in front of the checkout. They said “sure”, apparently rejoiced at the possibility of seeing their store name in the news.

Did she say “yes”? Yes, she did. But then she changed her mind and the guy had a mental breakdown and committed a suicide. Just kidding, we ain’t feeling very humorous today, so our jokes are not funny. Feel free to leave a comment about how much this article sucks. I ain’t removing it though. I’m feeling stubborn. Very stubborn.

“What was the grocery store where it happened?” You may ask. Well, we ain’t telling you. Unlike Yahoo News that reported this story, we have not been paid by that grocery store. But we would gladly put the name of that grocery store here, once they pay us five bucks.

Originally Reported by Yahoo News

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