Twitter’s Reaction To CEO’s Slip-Up Is Hilarious and Priceless


I know why she could say ‘we promise not to screw up Tumblr’…. it’s because she was planning to screw up Flickr instead!

This story involving Yahoo CEO happened a while ago. This said, we think that lots of people missed or forgot it. And even if you have not missed it, it is still worth repeating, because something like that does not happen very often. And when it does, it is unbearably funny.

While in Cannes, Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer overslept an important meeting. Ironically, it was the meeting with advertisers that she overslept. It is ironic because earlier in the year she has fired the guy who was responsible for dealing with advertisers. That’s how Daily Mail has put it: “Mayer dumped de Castro, who was in charge of ad sales, in January after concluding he wasn’t executing on her plan for reviving Yahoo’s lackluster ad growth”.

From that point on, she has assumed the full responsibility for all business involving advertisers. Apparently it was a bad move. The guy she fired was never reported to be late. It is of course possible that he was simply better at hiding his screw-ups than Marissa Meyer is.

But the story did not stop here. As soon as the Internet learnt of Marissa’s slip-up, someone took to Twitter and did an excellent job lampooning her. The best part was its name: @tiredmarissa.

Though @tiredmarissa account was taken down just a few hours after it appeared, it was already famous. There was a good reason for that. It was as hilarious as Twitter can get.

According to Fortune Magazine, @tiredmarissa “gained notoriety for a series of comments over the course of several hours, including a message that read: ‘Still in bed. Watching Judge Judy.’ Another post expressed surprise and outrage at the fact that Yahoo’s annual shareholder meeting kicks off at 8 a.m. PST Wednesday morning.”

Yet another hilarious tweet from @tiredmarissa “Touched on… a World Cup match between Italy and Uruguay when it wondered if it could ‘hire that Suarez dude to bite me every time I nod off in a meeting?'”

Perhaps Marissa does indeed need someone to bite her every time she falls asleep. After all, she has lived a sleep-deprived life. Yes indeed, she has a past that was both hard-working and sleep-deprived. She is “a former ballet dancer who stayed up all night writing code” – that’s how Lisa Miller has put it in this New York Magazine article.

Or as Fortune Magazine writer Tom Huddleston, Junior has put it, “Mayer is the same person who has said she eschewed sleep in her early years at Google, when she claims to have pulled hundreds of all-nighters and where she once told a group of associate product managers that they would have ‘no downtime’ on a training trip that gave them little time to sleep.”

Perhaps that hard-working past is catching up with her, though it is quite glorious. As a matter of fact it is so glorious I bet nine out of ten women would kill to have a past like that.

All jokes aside, Marissa Meyer is indeed an epitome of modern, independent woman. So please forgive me, Marissa, for making fun of you. I am saying this though I am confident she really does not care about people making fun of her. Strong women, like her, are likely to care only about what really matters.

Roman Marshanski
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