Dogs’ Peeing Process Can Be Both Spiritual And Funny


This article has been written by a guest writer Anit Singh

Taking your dog out to walk isn’t merely a chore that has to be done. It’s a primordial drive of a wild animal who has consented to live with you at certain conditions, one of which is the daily walk and this has to be satisfied. This ritual is as old as the relation of the man and the beast goes. The evening stroll into the vast unknown with a spear in hand and your dog by your side was the part of the ancient life.

We don’t necessarily hunt things on our evening stroll these days. We do get something to eat sometimes, but not by using spears (.. mostly).

The entire exercise of going out with your dog is more of a ritual than a necessity. Even if you live surrounded by the woods where your dog can easily do the poo poo behind any tree, even then the obdurate animal would insist on going on his long walk to do the ritual somewhere more distant.

The culture of dogs must have placed a very high accord to dog urine. Releasing the amber fluid for my dog is not about releasing the waste, it’s a way to connect to his spiritual side. The joy of finally being able to spread your golden fluid would have been a very powerful theme had he been one of those poetic dogs.

But we must not be fooled by the noble nature of Fido ( my dog), as the real objective behind his act has always been to leave a trail for the females to follow, several of which have sadly fallen into the irresistible charm so offered.

The quality of one’s discharge has no significance for us humans, except for that small minority of experts that sit in their labs, titillating the stuff in tiny test tubes, trying to divine the health condition of the donor. We might not therefore appreciate the subtleties of the art.

Dogs have by the virtue of their characteristic evolution, consequently evolved the ability to perform the lengthy diagnosis themselves without the use of any equipments, save their own nose. In short, they are able to detect pretty much everything by merely smelling the precious trinkets of a dogs’ urine.

This amazing ability has made their lives all the more easier. Their weddings don’t depend on the arrangement of marriage (or putting exaggerated information on marriage portals), but on something as simple as their own piss. Simply smelling it a few times tells you (if you have a dog like nose) the character of the dog.

So far, my dog has tried his very best to present his best side to all and any of the lady dogs that might roam near. Given sufficient leeway, he would certainly have taken advantage of opportunity.

Since I don’t fully support premarital sex, I have so far kept the leash tight. That hasn’t deterred him to wipe clean the piss marks of any hostile dog and plant his own sweet smell there, in a hope that there’d be a day when my grip on the leash would fail and he would be able to further his progeny.

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