Funny Road Signs: 12 Best

Check out these 11 Really Funny Road Signs we have found for you. We did our best to bring you only the funniest. From welcome signs with hilarious political jokes to most random, bizarre things you can imagine, these signs will sure brighten your day.

But if you think you’ve found any that are as funny – or perhaps even funnier – upload them at the bottom of this page.

 1. Welcome to Connecticut, the home state of George W. Bush

Funny Road Signs - Welcome to Connecticut


 2. Welcome to Arkansas, the home state of Bill Clinton:

Funny Road Signs - Welcome to Arkansas


 3. Welcome to Texas, the state of cowboys:

Funny Road Signs - Welcome to Texas


 4. Warning to tourists:

Warning to Tourists: Do not Laugh at Natives


 5. We are angry and we want you to slow down:

Funny Road Sign - Slow the **** Down!


 6. These people are apparently afraid of the British invasion:

Funny Road Signs - The British Are Coming!


 7. These guys are drunk and want you to get drunk too:

Road Sign - Drive Drunk


 8. This road sign has been hacked:

hacked road sign


 9. For all the dudes and girls who play Mario:

Sorry Mario, The Princess is not here. Funny Road Signs.


 10. Turns out pandas can be dangerous:

Funny Road Sign - Rogue Panda on Rampage


 11. This area has been attacked by zombies:

Road Sign: 'Zombie Attack - Evacuate!'


 12. These guys apparently don’t like children:

Road Sign: Children Left Unattended


Roman Marshanski
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