Butt-Dialing Prevents Murder

Creative Murder

Thinking of murdering your creditor? Don’t be ashamed. Everyone has a dark side. And sometimes the dark side can be good, like when you go to jail because of it. That is why we are going to help you develop your dark side, by telling you a story about it.

The borrower negotiated the murder of his creditor, by a phone call. But he had a smartphone in his back pocket. The smartphone turned out to be smarter than its owner. The owner has accidentally butt-dialed the creditor.

The creditor heard that the borrower was giving directions to the killer. He also overheard that his murder was supposed to “look like an accident”. So he left the house. A couple hours later he called the police.

Police found the creditor’s house burglarized  and the gas stove tampered with. The borrower – his name was “Barnett” – “was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder”.

Did I mention that the borrower was the former boss of the creditor? So here is a morale: don’t let your boss borrow from you, unless you have suicidal tendencies.

Is this story true? Yes it is. It was first reported by Newser.

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Roman Marshanski
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