Funny Comics: ‘Alley Oop #5’

Funny Alley Oop Comics in this collection:

1. Wet a way to go… (1 page)
Alley Oop saves his drowning debtor, then has a change of heart.

2. Brontosoreness (6 pages)
Alley Oop trades in his old dinosaur for a new one, but soon regrets his decision.

3. Foreign Entanglement (8 pages)
Alley Oop goes fishing. Finds his girlfriend Ooola with another man. Beats him up.

4. New Twist (3 pages)
Oola makes Alley an ultimatum that she would break up with him if he does not learn how to dance ‘Twitch’.

5. Spain In The Neck (8 pages)
Doctor Wonmug brings Alley Oop to 20th century, then uses his time travel machine to send him to 16th century Spain.

6. King For A Day (7 pages)
Alley Oop gets more than he can handle when he gets the job of a king.

7. A ‘Barberous’ Act (1 pages)
Alley gets jealous of his girlfriend when the fortuneteller foretells her future.

8. Time-And-A-Hap (1 pages)
Doctor Wonmug has a small mishap with his time travel machine.

Content Genre: Historical; Jungle; Humor; Science Fiction; Time Travel; Funny Stories.

Characters: Genger Guzzle (Guz), King of Moo; Ooola; Dinny (a dinosaur); Foozy; G. Oscar Boom; Dr. Elbert Wonmug; King of Moo; Umpateedle (Oompa), Queen of Moo; the Grand Wizer of Moo; Alley Oop.

Humoropedia staff notes:

1. We especially like the first story where a man saves his debtor who says he has not remembered about his debt.
2. Our favorite line in this collection is “Romance, what in jumpin blue blazes is that?”

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