Starbucks Jokes: Free Restroom Vs. Overpriced Coffee

Starbucks Jokes: Free Restroom VS. Lousy Coffee

Free Restroom
Overpriced Coffee
Successful Business Model.

“But if the coffee there is overpriced, why do people buy it?”
Mark Twain explained it more than a century ago: “What a schmuck an average person is!”
So take a look in the mirror and make the world a better place: make the coffee yourself or die trying!
By the way, if you do die making a coffee, send me a note. I would love to write about it.

Q/A: Starbucks Vs. People

Q: Why is Starbucks promising their customers “Your drink should be perfect every time. If not, let us know and we’ll make it right.”?
A: To torture their employees.

Q: Why do people go to Starbucks?
A: They think that each time they buy Starbucks Coffee, they get a piece of bucks earned by stars.

Q: Who invented Starbucks?
A: The guy who had no bucks. If he had the bucks, he would’ve been busy spending ’em, not inventing overpriced coffee business model.

Q: How did Federal Authorities figure out that there is a complex underground drug smuggling tunnel near the US-Mexico border?
A: It had it’s own Starbucks.

Q: What is the new Starbucks sponsored Paul McCartney song?
A: Latte it Be!

Paul McCartney: 'Let go of Tea! Latte it be!'


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