This Monkey Knows How To Make Awesome Photos


Source: Ars Technica

Ever thought of yourself as a good photographer? Well, this monkey is a better photographer than you.

In a strange twist of fate, this monkey snatched a photographer’s camera and made lots of awesome photos. One of them is the one you see above.

According to The Telegraph, here is how the photographer himself has described this incident: “The sound [of camera] got his [monkey’s] attention and he kept pressing it. At first it scared the rest of them [his monkey family] away but they soon came back – it was amazing to watch. He must have taken hundreds of pictures by the time I got my camera back”.

But the story did not stop here. Someone has later uploaded one of these photos to Wikipedia. The photographer – whose camera monkey has used – then claimed his copyright, and the photo was removed.

Later someone else has again uploaded the self-made photo of monkey. This time Wikipedia refused to take it down. So the photographer went to court.

This said, Wikipedia representatives are adamant that this photo should be in public domain. They seem to have a pretty good argument.

They say that the photographer does not have the rights to this photo, because “to claim copyright, the photographer would have had to make substantial contributions to the final image, and even then, they’d only have copyright for those alterations, not the underlying image. This means that there was no one on whom to bestow copyright, so the image falls into the public domain.”

How this will turn out is far from clear. But it is definitely clear that some monkeys are both adorable and skillful. In ideal world, these monkeys would become rich and famous, and would hold copyright to their own photos.

Indeed, we think that the copyright to these photos should be neither in public domain – as Wikipedia claims – nor in photographer’s ownership.

We think the monkey should own the copyright to these photos. This way, it may buy itself a good camera and snap some awesome photos for all the world to enjoy.

We write for you, so let us know your opinion, or at least congratulate the monkey on being so photogenic. We promise to forward the monkey your heartfelt compliments.

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