30 Game Of Thrones Jokes

Game Of Thrones Jokes

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  1. When did Brienne realise Jaime was hitting on her? When he asked: “Are you sure we’re not related?”
  2. What did the dragon have at McDonald’s? A Qarther Pounder.
  3. What kind of ruler would Podrick Payne be? A dicktator.
  4. Which Game of Thrones character is most like Santa Claus? Ho Ho Hodor!
  5. What do you call stormtroopers in jousting tournament? Game of Clones
  6. Did you hear about the game show with Theon Greyjoy? It’s called “Wheel of Torture.”
  7. What is King’s Landing famous for? It’s knight life.
  8. What stopped winter from coming? Winterfell and it can’t get up.
  9. What soup killed Robb Stark? Italian Wedding Massacre.
  10. How did Walder feel before the Red Wedding? His nerves were Freyed.
  11. What do you call a creepy ex-boyfriend north of the Wall? A White Stalker.
  12. What is Roose Bolton’s favourite dessert? The dread tort.
  13. What three rings do you need to marry one of Walter Frey’s daughters? Wedding Ring. Suffe-Ring. Murder-Ring.
  14. What is Jon Snow’s girlfriend’s nickname for his penis? The snow cone.
  15. What do you call a bunch of outlaws who kill Lannisters, kidnap children and never say please? The Brotherhood Without Manners.
  16. How do you find Princess Myrcella? You follow the foot prince.
  17. Did you hear about the game show with the Starks and Lannisters? Family Blood Feud.
  18. The bakers of King’s Landing took their revenge on Joffrey by retrieving his body, cutting him up and putting him in a sandwich. What was it called? Joffrey’s inbred.
  19. What do you call a Lannister girl who can outrun her brothers? A Virgin.
  20. Why did Tyrion Lannister wear his wedding ring on the wrong finger? Because he was married to the wrong woman.
  21. What is the name of the Stark family barbershop? Winter is Combing.
  22. How do the men of the Night Watch protect the Seven Kingdoms from White Walkers? DEADication.
  23. Some of Daenerys’ troops have started strolling instead of marching. What’s their nickname? The Unhurried.
  24. What did Winterfell say to King’s Landing? Who needs lavish golden towers when you can have smoke and a big tree.
  25. Where do Kings learn to kill dragons? At knight school.
  26. What’s the difference between Cersei Lannister and a direwolf? Lipstick
  27. Why couldn’t Robb Stark start his car? He had executed his driver, Lord Karstart.
  28. How do white walkers like their dragon eggs? Terri-fried.
  29. How do most dragons get to King’s Landing? They fly WesterosJet
  30. Which Game of Thrones character is always in the Christmas spirit? Ho Ho Hodor.

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