17 Famous Al Capone Quotes You Don’t Know

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Enjoy 17 famous Al Capone quotes. Quotes by Al Capone , American Gangster.

1. I’ve been accused of every death except the casualty list of the World War.

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2. Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.

3. You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun.

4. I have spent the best years of my life giving people the lighter pleasures, helping them have a good time, and all I get is abuse, the existence of a hunted man.

5. Racketeer? Why, the real racketeers are the banks!

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6. I am like any other man. All I do is supply a demand.

7. This American system of ours … call it Americanism, call it capitalism, call it what you like, gives to each and every one of us a great opportunity if we only seize it with both hands and make the most of it.

8. Don’t get the idea that I’m one of these goddamn radicals. Don’t get the idea that I’m knocking the American system.

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9. You fear death & worse than death, you fear rats if you don’t constantly satisfy them with money. I haven’t had peace of mind in years. Every minute I’m in danger of death. Three of my friends were killed in Chicago last week, that certainly doesn’t get you peace of mind.

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10. Be careful who you call your friends. I’d rather have four quarters than one hundred pennies.

11. They can’t collect legal taxes from illegal money.

12. I have built my organization upon fear.

13. Prohibition has made nothing but trouble.

14. Vote early and vote often.

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15. When I sell liquor, it’s called bootlegging; when my patrons serve it on Lake Shore Drive, it’s called hospitality.

16. Do I do business with Canadian racketeers? I don’t even know what street Canada is on.

17. My rackets are run on strictly American lines and they’re going to stay that way.

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