California Is Creating Army to Attack Federal Reserve

Corrupt Federal Reserve - Funny Satire

This article has been written by Gary Anderson. It has been originally published on his blog.

Greece and Detroit didn’t have public banks. Your state and city are next at risk, as the Fed is forcing the Too Big to Fail Banks to sell their municipal and state bonds in favor of their favorite bonds, Treasury bonds and Pitiful Corporate bonds. Therefore, the State of California, that refuses to establish a state bank to avoid this problem, is arming itself in preparation for all all out attack on the Federal Reserve in Washington DC.

Governor Jerry Brown has refused to allow the new force to attack the SF Fed, stating that this would force a public bank on California even more.

“Since I am sold out to the World Order regarding public banks, we can’t have those,” Brown said.

What he didn’t say is that the bankers have a “gun to his head” so he can’t seek a state bank for a big state like California. But then Brown said, tongue in cheek, that his munis have to be in the bankers’ portfolio and emphatically said:

“I have been betrayed by the Washington DC Fed however and I know that Yellen is still paid like a banker, from interest on the national debt,” Brown opined. I will take her out and Tarantino, or is it Tarullo, yes it is, and all the other Fed Governors, if municipal and state bonds are removed from the coffers of the big banks. I will bomb her to banker hell.”

“Not that any bonds would help in a crisis,” Brown went on to say. If there is a meltdown, you can bet your savings will go next. The world order doesn’t want the government to be the sole source of a bailout. No, savers will pay up and this meltdown could come if we don’t get more treasury bonds into the hands of the banks. This is the dawning of Derivative Hell, he went on to say.

We know that the Fed wants the Too Big To Fail banks to have more capital against a run on the banks. That is all good, but not at the expense of muni bonds. That is just wrong.

North Dakota has a state bank, and certainly, it survived the 2008 crash even before it hit it big in oil. Brown expects that success to be limited to North Dakota since the big money doesn’t want state banks and will kill him if he tries for a state bank of California.

The big money cabal wants government austerity, a destruction of pensions, and a killing of labor unions instead.

And Brown said, most taxpayers have been fooled into thinking all this must happen. Of course once this happens, and there is another crisis like 2008, we are all doubly fooked, he said. Or maybe triply fooked. That is because the derivatives, trillions upon trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars of them, get FDIC insurance before your deposits. Savers are oblivious even though it is in the news in small print, if you look for it.

And the Fookers are the private Fed which exists to protect the banksters, not the people. Senior citizens have been conned by these folks to believe the crap. But austerity will likely affect them as well.

Muni bonds are state, county and municipal bonds that keep the economy going. If most are not accepted by the banksters, then perhaps this traitorous act must be punished severely. Jerry Brown had it right when he said, we just need a few fast jets. His baby wrote him a letter about this crisis that is brewing. It all came from the Box Tops.

Brown said heads would roll but was forced to retract that sentence in the face of Middle East horror.

I say the Fed is for the banks and for Zionism, a multiracial cabal of elite that wants to take over the United States. This unnecessary muni bond crisis looks like an economic attack on our nation to me, and Governor Brown feels the same way. Main Street could suffer even greater harm with the new rules than it has suffered so far. Less money is available to main street if government services and paychecks are cut back.

Isn’t New World Order economics fun? Just remember this, bank purchasing keeps interest rates low, and that is what the Fed wants for its US bonds and corporate bonds that are more risky than muni bonds.

It could give a rats ass about muni bonds, though, which will have to carry higher interest. Screw the Fed. It is a traitorous organization and the gates of hell will welcome its members on the day Governor Brown attacks the Fed or on the day we are all judged, whichever comes first.


Seriously, Ellen Brown supports state banks. Their time has come. North Dakota is not a flaming liberal state and their budget has worked in times of crisis. Wake up, Americans. And don’t bomb the Fed, as God will take care of the Fed.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.

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