7 Chespirito Quotes and Jokes That Made Him Famous


Roberto Gómez Bolaños – more commonly known as Chespirito – has died just yesterday, November 29th. While these news are far from funny, he did leave a legacy full of humor and joy. So here  are his best jokes and quotes that made him famous – we are sure they will brighten your day:

  1. “No contaban con mi astucia!”. Every time things would somehow worked out for the best, saving the day (despite sometimes not actually doing much) he would say: “They didn’t count on my craftiness!”
  2. “Mis movimientos están fríamente calculados”. If anyone ever questioned his actions, el Chapulín would reassure them with: “My movements are coldly calculated.”
  3. ¡Síganme los buenos!“. “Good people, follow me!,” he would yell before falling over or some other antic.
  4. “Lo sospeché desde un principio”. “I suspected it from the very beginning.” …Once something was revealed, the clueless Chapulín would say he knew it all along. He didn’t.
  5. “Se aprovechan de mi nobleza”. “They take advantage of my nobleness.”

Wondering about his cause of death? Well, it is not yet clear, but we will post it when it becomes available. For now, however, enjoy some more quotes by Chespirito. These ones are without their Spanish versions, because we were too lazy to use Google Translate:

6.  “There are writers who pour out words, concepts that sound really important but that basically say nothing,” he said. “I always tried to be as concise as possible, all to try and reach everyone, but especially the simple people, those who needed to be reached more than anyone else.”

7.  “Sir, I’m sorry you do not like my programs. Me neither. But of what value your opinion and mine against millions of viewers around the world.”

Interesting Fact: The Simpsons creator Matt Groening has said that he created the Bumblebee Man character after watching one of Chespirito’s shows – the one called “El Chapulín Colorado“.

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