Get Rid of Your Inner A–hole

Get Rid of These Lazy -ucking A--holes

This section of my website is dedicated to “Weird & Funny News”. This article is far from funny though. I apologize for that, but I think that this is something everybody should know about.

The point of modern war is to spend as much money as possible, but to achieve as little as possible. There is nothing new in this statement. And the joke is on the people: they pay taxes, the government uses it to keep them in fear. We saw it in Vietnam. Now we see it again in the Middle East.

Al Qaeda controls more territory than ever in Middle East. That’s what CNN has reported just 3 days ago, on January 7th, 2014.

I was shocked when I read this. But there is actually nothing to be shocked about. It is either a repetition of Vietnam War or the confirmation of current leaders’ ineptitude. It either one of these new ?

“What do you mean by repetition of Vietnam?” You may ask. I mean that nobody in the US government intended to win  “war on terrorism”. Why would you wanna win a war when your friends gun-makers are making billions of dollars and paying you off? Why would you wanna win a war when your oil buddies are making billions of dollars and paying you off? Why would you wanna win a war when it keeps your people in fear and yourself in power? Ask yourself these questions. Then tell me I am wrong

But suppose this is  a bull-hit conspiracy theory. If you think so, ask yourself: “Can the strongest military in the world be defeated by technically inferior army of cave people?”

Is it funny? Are you laughing? I wish it were funny. But it’s not, though it definitely is weird: we have come such a long way from monarchy, but we are still dominated by a bunch of a–holes. That must mean we have an inner a–hole that does not let us go. Let’s get rid of that inner a–hole!

We deserve to be free from a–holes, on both outside and inside ourselves. So let’s start the next day by telling ourselves: “I am stronger than my inner a–hole. I can ignore him. I can avoid him. I can destroy him.” And I guarantee you, if every human being on Planet Earth does this, very soon the world will be a–hole-free. Start ignoring your inner a–hole today.

Roman Marshanski
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