See The Real-Life Batman Run Through The Streets

If this video was not funny enough, we have added the best comments Internet has made about it. If you would rather skip them, you can laugh at world’s funniest Google Jokes.

Here are our favorite comments from Reddit:

1. I love the part of the video where the camera guy zooms in on the girls booty that’s riding the bike.

2. The motorbike, the noises, the stopping at a bus stop to inspire some strangers… this is a 10 out of 10. Beautiful.

3. The motorbike, the noises,
I really appreciated him adding his own Doppler shift to the engine sound as he was running by people. Its that attention to detail that really sells the authenticity.

4. Fun fact: about 7 years ago I got mugged at that bus stop. Where was Batman when I needed him?

Here are our favorite comments from YouTube:

5. I think that was in Cambridge. All the locations look really familiar.

6. You’re right. I grew up there and recognise it too. I just wish someone would have done this kinda stuff when I was a bored teen there in the 1970s. It was pretty to look at but soooooo fuckin dull.

7. If he had stopped just once pretending to catch his breath, I feel like that would have killed me.

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